Virat Kohli , a dedicated, charming, and everyone’s favourite Indian skipper OR in-short our Run Machine. What makes him a superhero when he starts his game? What is his secret formula?

Today we are sharing 7  Fitness mantra of Virat Kohli and these 7 tips will surely help you to maintain your healthy and happy life.

  1. Fitness routine 5 Days A Week


He works out 5 days in a week. Consistency is the key here. If you really want yourself fit then you must aim high by being consistent in your workouts.

  1. Rest


As we know, he works out only 5 days in the whole week which means he rests for 2 days. According to him, Rest is very important after workouts because your body will repair and grow only when you rest. Never ignore it.


  1. No smoking and Alcohol


An unknown and motivational fact about Kohli is that he doesn’t smoke or drink. Yes he attend parties but he never allow himself for these bad habits which is harmful for his body and stamina. In this case, we can say Virat is mumma’s boy.

 7 Fitness Mantra Of Virat Kohli.

4. Diet


Consume what you can burn. This is what he follows as a great diet mantra.Although he likes naan with butter chicken but he takes care of his diet according to game. He prefers something light during the night. When he is playing, he prefers protein shakes and carbs. He never prefers junk food unless he is totally drained.

5. Hydrate


He never compromises in the matter of hydration. He drinks enough water to keep his body hydrated. According to him, one should drink 4-5 litre of water in a day.

  1. Games


Apart from cricket Virat prefers volleyball, football, badminton and squash. He says, games are the best ways to indulge in a workout without feeling bored. Games do enhance focus, concentration and alertness. So, if you are stuck up in the gym, go to the playground and try something different this time.

  1. Better Immunity


A wholly fit body ensures your body has good resistance against many ailments. When you are immune, you are able to focus properly.


Virat says he is a normal human being. But he asserts that discipline is key to his achievements. If you want to become like him, follow these mantras and share these habits with others too.

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