It’s true that men enjoy most of the sex positions but women are a little bit more excited to see what her man is trying to please her. We asked some Indian ladies that which positions they really enjoy? And they didn’t hesitate to answer this question. Their reply were awesome and we finally ranked this positions according to the no. of ladies voted for them.

Let’s check this out guys.


6. Spooning : 


Spooning is very comfortable and hits the G-spot which makes them happy and fully satisfied. Women loves this pose as their partner rubs his body against her from behind. It lasts long and its effortless.

5. Oral : 


Undoubtedly men love oral sex, it doesn’t mean women don’t. According to survey women also want oral sex because it excite them when partner’s tongue comes in contact of clitoris, which is not possible in case of penile vaginal sex.

4. Women on Top :


As you always give her comfort and try to give best while she is resting on her back, she also wants to grab this opportunity to being on top of you. In this position she can move her hips for best clitoral stimulation and she gets full control of depth and speed of motion. Also if she likes to Fu** you, this position is a gift for her.

3. Legs on Chest :


This one position is a variation of missionary position but still women enjoy this a lot. They want their partner to go deeper and the visibility of partner is also a plus point.

2. Doggy Style :


A lot of women find it difficult to get satisfied with the size of penis after a certain point of time because their vaginal width and depth also increase with regular sex. To get rid of this problem they are crazy to go with Doggy style. This position gives not only a new adventure but also helps in getting deep penetration. Doggy style also help in maintaining the session last longer.

And the first and the most loved position is…

1. Missionary :


Missionary is the best position according to most of the women for a reason : Missionary allows to see the partner above them, eye contact, kissing, touch of partner’s tongue to nipples and to wrap entire body around him. Missionary position is very simple and allows easy entry into the vagina. Some women say, it is very tough for them to coordinate in other sex positions and that can destroy your enjoyment.

So this was the list of positions most women prefer but still you can ask your partner, What’s her favorite?

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