It’s always right that first impression is the last impression. In case of dating, friendship or a meeting with any girl, you have to show your first impression very carefully. It’s not only your behavior which should be good but girls do note many other things. Well, we have some wonderful points here which you can remember on your first meet.

Here we go…

1. Confidence:


Confident guys are damn sexy. If you are confident, you will see its reflection in her eyes. Girls find it really boring and difficult if you are very shy and can’t start a conversation. Confidence in guy makes it very simple to carry out a conversation without it being forced.

2. Good Appearances and Style:


Before talking to you she looks at you appearances. It includes all common things like dressing sense, hair style, shoes, perfume you used, your body language and your overall style. By this she wants to know how much you care about your hairs, clothes, grooming and basic hygiene. If you doesn’t care about these things, she predicts, you probably doesn’t care about maintaining most things in your life.

3. Sense of humor:


Girls look at your smile in first few minutes of the conversation because girls like cute smile on guys face. But if you are smart and has ability to make her laugh badly, it’s a plus point for you. Girls love guys who can make them laugh, a good sense of humor is always a god gift for guys.

4. Intelligence:


some girls would find intelligent guys better than attractive one. Because attractiveness is completely a subjective term , not all girls look for a tall, physically attractive and handsome guy . Some girls find intelligent guys attractive. Physical attractiveness may fail to charm after some time but intelligence charms them forever .

5. Understanding:


Apart from all these things, the most important thing is Understanding! She wants you to have true feeling for her. Girls love guys who can tell things they don’t tell other people. They want you to understand them, tell them all your problems and happenings. Tell her how much she means to you.

Bonus Points: What girls don’t like in Boys?

Lack of self-respect, Lack of humor,  Lack of goals, Negativity, Insecurity, Lack of trust and No ambition.

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