Bollywood has always been the place of style and glamour. Money and lavishness go hand in hand in Bollywood and that makes the life of the celebrities interesting and equally fascinating. However, when it comes to the house of the Bollywood celebrities, it can be astonishing and surprising.

John Abraham might not be the King of Bollywood but he sure does know how to live like a King. His, 4000 sq ft villa in the sky is the proof of that. Designed by his own brother, Architect Alan Abraham this luxurious apartment is infused with comfort, luxury, and serenity.

Here we bring you the images of John Abraham’s house and one can easily say that he has the best house among Bollywood celebrities

The space is located on the 7th and 8th floors of a building described as “unremarkable.” To combine the two apartment spaces, all internal walls were taken down and a new staircase, cantilevered off the interior columns, was added to connect the floors.

It should be no surprise that the spectacular views of the Arabian Sea were among the most attractive features of this space and as such, were maximized with the new design. This included putting in floor to ceiling windows wherever possible, including the massive new master bedroom. In fact, these sea views are now visible from every room of the house.

Along with the living room and dining area, the kitchen creates the central meeting area of the home, which is perfectly laid out for dinner parties and entertaining. We must draw attention to the hand-hewn dining table and seating, both of which are made from teak.

On the top floor of the home, the architect has added a private media room which includes blinds for turning it from a glass enclosed overlook to a cozy cave for screenings.

The materials in the home are kept largely natural as well as neutral. This gives the open space a unified feeling throughout while also making maintenance much easier. Further, sustainability was a concern, so local woods and green construction practices were used wherever possible.

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