Bride dressed as of Goddess Lakshmi and groom as of Lord Vishnu.


A wedding that will give you a feel of God-like wedding.

Now a days a new trend has come in India which is Theme based weddings. Everyone wants their wedding or a wedding in their family to be done in a specific theme.  What theme you want to use, for that also wedding arrangers are available or if you are smart enough, you can create your own theme.
While the general themes people use are based on movies, TV shows, stories, books, or a simple suggestion from anyone. But this family from Andhra Pradesh arranged the wedding in a very different and unique theme, The God-like Wedding theme.
The wedding was held in Tanuku, a small town in Andhra Pradesh. According to the  the wedding theme the bride was in goddess’ outfits and the groom was like God. Also the relatives and the guests dressed as of gods and goddesses.

The theme was chosen by the bride’s father who itself is a local godman in the town named Sridhar Swami, who also  has an Ashram in Mukkamala.

The best thing to notice was the bride and groom appeared as Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu, respectively. Other guests and relatives were also following the theme wearing traditional clothing and jewelry. Parents of both sides were dressed as of King and Queens. The whole setup was looking like a shooting setup of some TV show but it was really very interesting.

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