Nirbhaya, a name which takes us back Dec 16, 2012, when she was brutally gang-raped in a moving bus in Delhi.


After a long time in Nirbhaya’s family a good news came to hear that her brother Rohit (name changed) is soon going to become a pilot.  And this has happened only because of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, said her mother. In an interview Nirbhaya’s mother thanked Rahul Gandhi for helping her family and specially to her son to become a pilot.

Asha (Nirbhaya’s mother) declare Rahul Gandhi took full responsibility of Rohit’s higher education and also called him regularly for motivation to achieve this place.

Rohit is the elder one of the two brothers of Nirbhaya who also fought very hard to juvenile accused in court for her sister. But the accused had sentenced imprisonment only for 3 years as per the Juvenile Justice Act (JJ II).

As mentioned by Asha that while Rohit was on his 18 months pilot’s training, we used to inform him about the regular updates about Nirbhaya’s trial.

Apart from Rahul, her sister Priyanka Gandhi also used to call him to encourage for study. She also used to ask about our health and problems. So this was only Rahul who motivated Rohit to never quit and now he is under the final training with a commercial airline in Gurgaon.

Finally she told a big thank you to Congress vice President Rahul Gandhi, that in this big country at least someone is there who think about us. She blessed Rahul a happy future and mentioned him as a very great person.

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