Kamaal R Khan better known as KRK, came up this time with a suicide threat (KRK suicide threat) .

The well known critics on YouTube and Twitter criticised Aamir’s recently released Secret Superstar. After this,  his  Twitter account was suspended. The incident ended up with KRK suicide threat.

He opened the climax of the film on his YouTube movie review channel. He also tweeted some personal remarks on Aamir which says, if you are not a good father then don’t present that we don’t love our children, in your movie. After this some reports claims that on Aamir’s complaint, KRK’s twitter handle got blocked.

Now in a press release KRK has came up by a threat of committing suicide.

He also wrote the full suicide threat on his official Twitter handle. Which says, I request @TwitterIndia and staff Ms. Mahima Kaul, Viral Jani and Mr. Taranjeet Singhto restore my account within 15 days. 1st they did charge me millions of rupees and then suddenly suspended my account. So am depressed because they have cheated me. If they won t restore my account, the I will commit suicide and all these people will be responsible for my death.

Now people who are mentioned in tweets will take KRK seriously or not, nobody knows! Because before this also KRK has insulted and remarked many celebrities on Twitter and YouTube. His tweets have offended not only the big stars but also their fans. So his tweeter handel suspension might be a good news for many tweeteratis and also for some people it will be a entertainment topic.

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