Girls, do you know the kissing expectations of your guy?

Kiss, that’s the beginning, whether you are dating him for the first time, you are in romantic mood or a casual routine sex. Kissing plays the main role in your love life and it’s very essential to know about it in very deep that what are the types of kiss or what extra we can do to make it better.

Sometimes you do kiss in a way which makes your partner to follow you in the same exotic way and sometimes you ruin it. Your partner may like or not like your way of kissing. Sometimes girls doesn’t like to kiss when you are smelling and there are many other points.

But this time we came up with guys choice of kissing or the things they want their girl to do while kissing.
We will mention 5 points which will make your guy so surprise that you will surely amazing smile on his face after kiss.

Here we go…

1. Take Initiate : 

If from a long time he is the one takes the initiative, its your time. Give a start by simply holding him around the shoulders and start kissing him gently. Guys loves it when you show your love without their start.


2. Eye contact :

This doubles the romance. Make eye contact with him and kiss and repeat. You will find him kissing you more when you make eye contact because that makes you beautiful while kissing.

kissing eye contact

3. Make Kissing Triangle :

It’s a triangle of kissing lips and neck. Just kiss hip lips for a short period of time and go down to his neck. This will make him crazy for you. Now again come back to kiss his lips from neck. This is Kissing Triangle which is very good to surprise him!


4. Use your hands :

Your hands can do a magic which is not possible only by lips. You will find a different him when you’ll run your fingers through his hairs.  Kiss him hard or soft but make your fingers traverse his neck, hairs, chest, ears and his chicks. After this you will turn him on with the magic of your fingers. Try it.


5. Give time to his lower lip :
Guys love to kiss on the upper lip of girls most of the time because they love it while they want the return pleasure on their lower lip. The lower lip hits more passion and most of the time girls don’t remember this. Let him enjoy your upper lip and give your full focus on his lower one. If he tries to switch, then go for upper one.


We hope you’ll come back to thanks us after your next kiss 🙂

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