Arshi Khan was reportedly suspected to be a part of flesh trade scandal in Pune in 2016.

BB 11 viewers witnessed a big verbal clash between Haryanvi dance Sapna Chaudhary and bold contestant Arshi Khan. Sapna shouted at Arshi and teased her over her Pune-Goa scandal. And, soon after this episode, Arshi started crying. Many viewers must be wondering what is this Pune-Goa incident and why Arshi is so scared of this. Here is all you need to know about the fight between Sapna and Arshi; and what’s Arshi’s Pune-Goa connection

Arshi Khan was reportedly suspected to be a part of flesh trade scandal in Pune in 2016. According to Pune Mirror, she and her two associates were said to be agents who were caught by police. The two men were imprisoned but Arshi was sent to a rescue home, from where she escaped.
Police Inspector Sanjay Patil, who was in charge of the social security cell of Pune Police told Mirror, “We sent a decoy to the room and when we got the confirmation that she was indeed here for prostitution, we raided the room.”

But Arshi’s publicist, Flynn Remedios had a different story to tell. According to him, the cops asked Arshi for sexual favours. He told mirror, “The cops found two Aadhaar cards and PAN cards, both with different dates of birth. She had changed her date of birth legally but the cops threatened to book her for forgery and demanded Rs 15 lakh. They asked her to turn approver against Vipul and Krishna, which she also refused. Next, another cop asked her for sexual favours.”

Coming down to Goa incident, according to, Goa police arrested Arshi from a 5-star hotel on prostitution charges. According to the website, she went back to Mumbai proving herself to be innocent.

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