I gave my 100% for my selection, but when I was not selected, I got frustrated and mentioned suicide(Kuldeep Yadav Suicide Thought).

Kuldeep Yadav Suicide Thought.

The new star Kuldeep Yadav, who got entry as a spinner in Indian Cricket team has already made a space in everyone’s heart.

Yadav, recently bagged a hat-trick in India-Australlia has became the 3rd Spinner to claim a hat-trick in the game.


For now he is ready for all upcoming matches with full power and strategic bowling but this was not much easier to reach at this place.

In a recent interview Yadav told that he performed very well in his under-15 game in Uttar Pradesh but unfortunately didn’t get select. Kuldeep was only 13 year old at that time, after rejection he decided not only quitting cricket but also wanted to end his life by committing suicide.

Kuldeep Yadav Suicide Thought.

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Yadav’s statement in the interview was like this :

“I gave my 100% for my selection, but didn’t get select. I got frustrated and a thought of suicide came to my mind.

It is quite normal when you are frustrated and it happens with in that particular moment.

After that he entered in IPL, where he got selected for Kolkata Knight Riders and then he didn’t stop.

Now he got a lots of fan following when he claimed 4 wickets in his debut Test against Australia.

Kuldeep told he used to watch videos of legendary spinner Shane Warne, and learned a lot of tricks of spin bowling from his videos.

Shane Warne also compared Yadav with well known Pakistani test Spinner Yasir Shah. He told that Yadav has the ability to become ‘the best leg-spinner’.

At last Yadav said, frustration and failure are temporary. Fight again and you’ll win.

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